Gorey Explosives Review (feat Corey of The Brickbats)

As described in their bio, a long history of smoke and killers and randomly turning knobs. Started in Brooklyn, meandered through New York's Hudson Valley, into the heights of São Paulo, and landed in the humid beauty of Charlottesville, Virginia. Music made by listless machinery and the harrowing hopes of bending its gears and codes to our will.

Wow! So much happening here, where do I begin? First off I'm glad to hear good stuff like this still being made. As a student of such greats as Bauhaus and Alien Sex Fiend back in the 80's I can immediately point to this, but with a lighter Type O Negative twist vocally. Dark, mysterious yet catchy at the same time. Ghost on the Run makes me wanna break out the old black eyeliner and dance until 3am. While Heavy User haunts me. That bass competing with the eerie guitar swirled around a melodic message hits me deeply. Good stuff guys, keep it coming!

-Don Lorenzo, BMN Contributor