Scary Hours releases blistering new video "Cost of Living"

Struck reveals some details about the song and video, stating, “I got the idea for this song from seeing ads for antidepressant medication which panders to gender roles: women baking cookies or shopping with their kids, looking disconnected; a man in an office meeting with a cloud over his head.” 

“When capitalist alienation interferes with your ability to work the machine and fulfill your role, you become a commodity for the pharmaceutical industry among other industries.  Your unwillingness to comply will leave you economically and socially marginalized.  Your servitude will strip you of your identity as you solely exist to produce.” 

“Either way, your future's been foreclosed and if you're sad about it, corporate gaslighting will turn a profit from you and keep you quiet while you march to the slaughter with everyone else.  Marx was right.”


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