Stuyvesant - Aardvark 7” Lathe-cut review/feature

At some point last year, the dudes from Stuyvesant were out chatting over several pints of Guinness and eating southwestern philly egg rolls with some smoked mango salsa when one of them brought up an idea: “Let’s put out a…

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Gorey Explosives Review (feat Corey of The Brickbats)

As described in their bio, a long history of smoke and killers and randomly turning knobs. Started in Brooklyn, meandered through New York's Hudson Valley, into the heights of São Paulo, and landed in the humid beauty of Charlottesville, Virginia…

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Don Ryan Interview



Don Ryan is a singer/songwriter whose compositions are delectable cocktails of ageless beauty and gritty discord — a hypnotizing blend of classic Americana and gypsy jazz with a more modern, psychedelic-folk sound. This is a brand new spin…

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BLUECHANNEL When dysfunction is functional By Neil Sabatino

“Our excessive lifestyles both created and destroyed our band” 
Chris Bennett | Guitarist  

“In spite of any personal or inner turmoil there was always something special that happened when the five of us came together to write music”  
Brian Cerullo…

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Junkanoo funk punk sweetness

When I first heard about Junkanoo and heard a snippet here or there I assumed, “Oh, that must be their one funk track on their punk demo” and this was because it seemed they were always playing venues like the…

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Excellent new synth/pop from Jersey City's June Pageant

Excellent synth/dream pop by Jersey City’s June Pageant here on their new EP “Beneath the Feather Star 1/3,” brought to us by Kidokoro Records. This 4 song EP keeps you guessing. It starts with “Wundergurl (Intro),” a 40 second instrumental…

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An interview with Grasser + video premier for "Not The Same"

Grasser is the recording project of cousins Biff Swenson (Earth Telephone, Yawn Mower) and Nick Gianatiempo (Les Dangers, Prehistoric Forest) with a revolving cast of members that now features frequent collaborator Dana Yurcisin (Static Sex) taking over on lead vocals…

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