A Tuesday Playlist By Neil Sabatino

Tuesdays suck usually, during a pandemic when every day just blends together you can just call this a “whatever day you want” playlist. Today seemed as good a day as any to talk about some music new and old.  Mostly…

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(Damn) This Desert Air "Nebulosity" EP review/feature

It's been interesting (for lack of a better word) watching the soundscape of rock music change over the course of the past 15 years.  The shelf-life of full-length albums is a lot shorter and Spotify is the prevalent platform for…

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LOVEBYRD “Wanna Die Before You Do”

Well it’s official, I found one of my new favorite bands. LOVEBYRD from Germany call themselves a “Garage Duo” but I feel like they are far superior to that description. Their new single sounds like Brian Jonestown Massacre with Hope…

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Meet Chicago Psych Indie Ska Surf Punk THE LIMBOS!

Meet Chicago Psych Indie Ska Surf Punk THE LIMBOS! By Sam Lowry 

Formed 9 years ago, The Limbos remain a group whose sound simply cannot be pinned down to any exact genre or category. As much as audiences attempt to…

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Stuyvesant - Aardvark 7” Lathe-cut review/feature

At some point last year, the dudes from Stuyvesant were out chatting over several pints of Guinness and eating southwestern philly egg rolls with some smoked mango salsa when one of them brought up an idea: “Let’s put out a…

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Gorey Explosives Review (feat Corey of The Brickbats)

As described in their bio, a long history of smoke and killers and randomly turning knobs. Started in Brooklyn, meandered through New York's Hudson Valley, into the heights of São Paulo, and landed in the humid beauty of Charlottesville, Virginia…

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Don Ryan Interview



Don Ryan is a singer/songwriter whose compositions are delectable cocktails of ageless beauty and gritty discord — a hypnotizing blend of classic Americana and gypsy jazz with a more modern, psychedelic-folk sound. This is a brand new spin…

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