Lng Trm Xpsure is the second single from Baltimore Indie Rock band Underlined Passages’ new record “Neon Inoculation”, out in early 2022 on Mint 400 Records. Like the last single Couples Therapy, Lng Trm Xpsure wrestles with experiences during the pandemic. This time, the band tackles how it feels to be on lockdown. With lyrics in the chorus like “drawing your maps of escape from this life dear” Underlined Passages captures both the planning/hope and desperation/depression many of simultaneously felt, and continue to feel during the pandemic. 

Lng Trm Xpsure is an upbeat track, reminiscent of the rockier, yet open and spacious indie rock that Underlined Passages has become recognized for. Lyrics aside, Lng Trm Xpsure is a great indie rock tune for a long drive or that scene in the movie where lovers first exchange that glance at the party that tells you they are going to get together for the long haul. Underlined Passages gives us yet another awesome song and if Lng Trm Xpsure and Couples Therapy set the stage, we can’t wait for what will be an amazing full length release in the new year. 

UP are also great guys and they were gracious enough to put together a new Spotify playlist highlighting fellow Mint 400 Records artists and other music they have been inspired by recently-you can check it out here:


Mint 400


- Sam Lowry


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