Tony Matura - Riding the Secret Subway

Hailing from Astoria, Queens, Tony Matura, and his cohorts, back in the day, would take what he dubbed, the “Secret Subway” into Manhattan, to soak up punk rock, in its inception. 

Who better to try and re-capture the raw purity of that scene than someone who witnessed it first hand? 

No stranger to the recording studio, Matura was a member of “The Optic Nerve”, which was more of a throw-back, 60's sounding garage rock act in the 80’s, while he and his current bandmates, Frank Max [bass] & Robert Pinnock [drums] were also in a “Merseybeat” style band named “The Beat Rats”

After years of expanding his musical horizons with other acts, Tony decided to finally record his early, original songs which he wrote for his first punk rock outfit, “Secret Subway”. These guys really got to work and banged out some cool retro-sounding garage/punk gems for “Riding the Secret Subway”. It really sounds like an early punk time capsule and it’s grooved into a beautiful piece of shiny red wax, available over at bandcamp on the Pyrrhic Victory Recordings label. 

So if you’re a down and dirty, rock n’ roll purist who digs nostalgia, you’ll want to add this solid 7” record to your collection, for sure. 

Three whole shrooms on the psychedelic scale because I ate the other two. 



Pyrrhic Victory Recordings


- Spencer Dipthorpe

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