Submotile release driving and intense shoegaze via Shore Dive Records

Submotile is an Italian-Irish band that blends shoegaze, pop, noise-rock, ambient and post-rock elements. Their new album, "Sonic Day Codas" really gets the right guitar sound going, and combines it with a driving propulsive beat. The single, "Sunflower" conjures memories of listening to Sonic Youth in the nineties. The second track, "Cyanotic" has incredible driving, distorted bass. The vocals on the track, "Anhedonia" really capture the inability to feel pleasure, in a floaty derealization kind of way. The entire album is a brilliantly cohesive masterpiece of classic shoegaze dreampop, and is the best post-rock music I have heard in a long time. 

Another great release from Shore Dive. Keep em coming. Please support via links below.


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- Tanya Dawn

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