Stuyvesant - Aardvark 7” Lathe-cut review/feature

At some point last year, the dudes from Stuyvesant were out chatting over several pints of Guinness and eating southwestern philly egg rolls with some smoked mango salsa when one of them brought up an idea: “Let’s put out a series of 7-inch picture discs featuring random animals and in place of liner notes, we will have factual blurbs about each animal.” Instead of laughing it off and forgetting about it amongst cries for some Cholula, they made it a thing, and I’m here for it. This is what we call “living the dream,” doing things because they fucking can. I don’t know if this actually happened, but that’s how I choose to believe it. Maybe there were corned beef sliders? Regardless, they started with the aardvark. 

That prelude is important, as I feel this aesthetic and approach is musically embodied in these two bangers: fun, concise, sonically efficient tracks by a band who isn’t trying to be anything it isn’t. Six clicks and a quick downstroke-accented lead-in brings us straight into the verse of “Dirty Looks,” where the vocal line walks around a two chord structure. A catchy chorus centers the song and beckons the nostalgic fuzzy feelings that hang out somewhere between Cheap Trick and Samiam. 

The next track, “Gauntlet,” starts with harmonizing guitar harmonics and rolls into a stop-and-go rhythm reminiscent of Bivouac-era-Jawbreaker (truly, the way to my heart). The creative rhythms and dissonant guitars are a powerful, yet not overpowering, backdrop for one of Ralph’s best vocal performances to date. Again, this song clocks in at just over two minutes and wastes no time getting straight to the point before an abrupt ending. 

While “Aardvark” was released back in November of 2019, it’s a strong release I wanted to show some love while I wait for the follow-up due August 7th via Dromedary Records, entitled “Bison.” Who is picking the animals? Do manatee next!

- Eddie Templeton, BMN Contributor



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