Thursdays at Pet Shop, Jersey City have been offering incredible scene shows at the right price, FREE, for years and this week is no different as local labels converge to bring raucous Brooklyn bands to the venue. Brooklyn Label Trash Casual provides Dead Tooth, exciting post punk and DJ Britt Jones, while NJ label Mint 400 Records brings BK Post Punk bands Two-Man Giant Squid and Le Big Zero. To add to the magic of the evening DJ Tom Gallo of Look At My Records! Podcast will also be spinning. Here's a preview of what you'll get:

Dead Tooth, led by Zach James, creates dystopian post-punk with a discordant edge, reminiscent of a posthumous dinner party attended by Ian Curtis and Herman Hesse. With Andrew Bailey from DIIV on lead guitar, the duo's onstage synergy is a highlight in NYC. James, formerly the Silver Spaceman, transitioned from folk-rock to a darker Dead Tooth persona, exploring murkier textures. The band's productivity surged during the pandemic, culminating in the upcoming EP "Pig Pile," featuring the single "Hollow Skin." The track, inspired by the Trump era, delves into post-punk's jagged corners and delirious melodies, offering a smoke-choked ode to finding a better path.

Two-Man Giant Squid emerges as a prominent force in Brooklyn's burgeoning post-punk scene, originally a solo project by frontman Mitch Vinokur. Their debut EP, acclaimed as "EP of the Year" by WFUV's Sam Sumpter in 2022, propelled them from basement shows to headlining iconic NYC venues. Signing with Mint 400 Records, the band's upcoming album, "Intro to Basement," pays homage to their DIY roots, showcasing versatility with dance-punk frenzies and emotive slow-burns. Lead track "The Opposite" establishes them as a party band for a new generation, with singles "Progress" and "Cold Fingers" garnering early acclaim from various sources. Despite the darkness in their sound, Two-Man Giant Squid ensures a good time prevails.

Brooklyn's Le Big Zero, anchored by Michael Pasuit and Ben Ross, fuses garage rock with intricate yet catchy song structures, cultivating a unique and accessible sound. Their latest EP, "At Arm's Length," features the collaborative efforts of Katie Cooney and Lukas Hirsch, marking a departure from their critically acclaimed 2022 release, "A Proper Mess." Inspired by indie acts like Parquet Courts, Les Savy Fav, and Speedy Ortiz, the EP, especially the lead single "Toy," delivers unconventional hooks and charming male-female harmonies. Beyond the immediate appeal, the album reveals intricacies, unexpected time changes, and syncopation, seamlessly shifting between deep chords, driving garage rock, and art rock. With moments of tension reflecting the collective experiences of the past few years, "At Arm's Length" encapsulates it all within one compelling EP.

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