Secrets Of The Third Planet (S3P) // Lost In Reverie (10th Anniversary Edition)

More ethereal dreampop from Shore Dive Records, who don’t stray from their preferred sounds, and are quite consistent with delivering the goods. This release however, is a reissue of a 10 year old EP. Secrets Of The Third Planet (S3P) are an electronic-shoegaze band from Moscow, Russia. This reissue has been released in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their Lost In Reverie EP, and it certainly stands the test of time, and I see why Shore Dive wanted it to reach more ears. Started out as a solo project of Eugene Frankevich, they eventually evolved into the fuller band represented here. Dreamy, obscure and gothy vibes permeate, with solid driving bass that for me is a needed element in this style of music. “Autumn Song” started as a clear stand out for me, as I love the immediacy of the drum beat coming in right away instead of lingering too long with other sounds and electronica, but I was waiting for a vocal and it ended up an instrumental. Still a great track, but I would’ve liked to hear a vocal on it. Ironically, what may be the best vocal performance comes on the next/last track “E-A(Lost in Reverie)Feat.WEO” – and then here comes a dreamy, hypnotic female vocal and I’m in deep. This track is my fav and I’m clicking that repeat thing.

Shore Dive Records


- Joe Pugsley

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