Scary Hours returns with new video for the incendiary "Normal's Not New"

Lyndhurst NJ's own Ryan Struck (aka Scary Hours) returns with yet another blistering video "Normal's Not New" from his second full length "Margins" released last year by Pyrrhic Victory Recordings (US) & Engineer Records (UK/EU). Getting great press by The Big Takeover, Jersey Beat, Hardcore Worldwide, Rebel Noise and others, Scary Hours has been making a name for themselves by the constant release of new material since its inception as a folk punk act in 2018. Ryan, having performed in hardcore punk bands for years, returned to his roots after the first full length "Live To Serve" was released in 2018, which was included on Jack Rabid's Best of the Year list. 

"Margins" is an intense attack of melodic hardcore, most of the songs clocking in at less than 2 minutes, with the incendiary "Shell Beach" being the main exception at almost 5 minutes. No punches are pulled as Ryan rages about capitalism, systemic oppression and authoritarianism. He states himself: 

“Capitalists count on crises, panics, and recessions to regulate the market.  Oppression is written into the very documents that founded this country, and the oppressed are the ones who pay for these events both monetarily and emotionally.” 

“While we are all victims of this cycle, national pride keeps people defending the very authoritarian regimes that keep them working paycheck to paycheck, i.e. the “Stockholm mob.” There’s nothing new about this normal other than the changing circumstances by which we are controlled.”

We are happy to present the new video for "Normal's Not New" and hope you check out the full record below. CDs are still available via Bandcamp if you're the type who still likes to hold music in your hands.

Pyrrhic Victory Recordings
Engineer Records

- Eddie Templeton

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