Rosita y Los Nefastos, angry and rebellious punk rock made in Colombia

We’ve been getting more and more submissions from Latin America and Colombia specifically lately, which is really cool. Considering the unrest in the area, I can only hope that the bands and their families are safe and well. “Paranoia en la Ciudad” the single off the new EP “Nadie esta dispuesto” by Rosita y los Nefastos may be the most striking of the batch, and their inclusion of lyrics [under the YouTube video] very helpful in being able to fully understand the song. The track is a social commentary of sorts, that gives you an insight into the life of someone living in the conditions of Medellin, Colombia – or at least the band’s perception of it. But I don’t think it is a stretch to associate the band’s paranoia with the difficult economic conditions that currently plague their region of the world. 

(Translated) “Paranoia in the city, so many glances to avoid. A bad feeling, as you walk, weighs you down. And to think that here you are always illegal, that anyone can accuse you, suspicious at every step you take.” This glimpse into the mind of a young adult experiencing life in the cities of Colombia is both fascinating and tragic – they are not afraid to discuss their anxieties and the pressures in their lives, diving headfirst into a difficult topic, yet sharing a piece of their harsh reality with the listener. I’m not in any way trying to imply their experience is any more or any less difficult than anywhere else, and neither are they, but it is unique to them and needs to be heard: “The world wants to devour you, you can't be careless, everyone on the lookout to squeeze your humanity.” Perhaps these thoughts can be felt anywhere, specifically under capitalist conditions. 

Musically this is straightforward punk rock, with a really strong guitar presence, solid rhythm section and angry, shouting vocals. In the video, the singer jumps around looking clearly discontent, yelling the vocals and performing, with face paint and all. Tempo changes keep the track interesting, and the production is clean but not too clean. The song ends with the lyrics “Debts haunt you, they don't let you rest. Your head has a price you can't even pay. You're only a person if you can spend. Happiness is so devalued!...Paranoia in the city... It's real!” The band has been around since 2012, and from old videos I see that their sound has progressed. I hope they stick around and continue. I look forward to hearing more. It will never get boring for me to hear personal accounts of life in other regions of the world; and hearing Rosita y los Nefastos brings a smidge of hope that the voices of the people may eventually actually be heard. Their bio states “Their message, from an unequal, angry and nonconformist point of view, is to always question the why of things and never swallow whole.” Who can argue with that?



- Joe Pugsley

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