Prehistoric Sun and 190 other artists compile massive comp to raise funds for NAACP

Gritty 90s indie rock vibes on this killer track from Prehistoric Sun, from a massive new compilation “Demos for a Difference,” which offers 191 songs for a measly $10 contribution to raise money for NAACP. There’s not much to think about here, just click the link below and enjoy an amazing amount of music while helping an important civil rights organization at a pivotal time. 

Wow, there’s a lot packed into 2:32 on this track. It starts out grinding on 2 chords, with catchy melodies, driving forward like a freight train. Then an unexpected time change brings a more complex feel to a nice catchy song that has grit and heavy thunderous guitars backing it up, and great vocal melodies layered throughout. Highly recommended, and all for a great cause. 

Also included on this comp are Yawn Mower, Fairmont, Blue Vervain, Reese Van Riper, The Brixton Riot, Dentist, (Damn) This Desert Air and so much more:

















Mark Strohm

BMN Contributor