pam risourié brings us incredible dream pop from paris

The “Noctessa” EP by French artist pam risourié is simply put: incredible, dark and distinctive dream pop. The 5 song EP doesn’t have a bad song on it. With song titles like “Sleep Forever” & “No King At Your Bones” - my curiosity peaked before I listened to a song. The single “Cinnamon Leaves” is the clear highlight, released as a single with a video that seems to perfectly capture the ambiance, dreariness and dreamy elements of the song visually. The vocals at times during the track seem to almost (and I emphasize almost) go slightly off pitch but they never do, and it creates an excellent tension that adds to the overall longing of the track. 

“No King At Your Bones” is another highlight that has, although slow and dreamy, a driving force behind it, the louder percussion helping to add to this element. And the chorus is a hook if I’ve ever heard one. All of the lyrics are intriguing and worth a close listen, as many of them leave you wondering their true meaning, even though you may already feel it in your gut. This is highly recommended, and yet another solid release from Shore Dive Records. Please check links below and show your support!

- Joe Pugsley, BMN Contributor

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