Nick Nittoli - releases new hip hop singles/videos

Nick Nittoli is a songwriter, producer/artist from Hollywood California. He got his start on the Bravo TV Series "Platinum Hit", which was kind of like an American Idol for songwriters. Kara Dioguardi and Jewel co-hosted the series, and were responsible for critiquing Nittoli's music and songwriting abilities to perfection. He placed 4th in the competition and began his songwriting career in Hollywood. He eventually caught the ears of Snoop Dogg, French Montana, YG, Sam Bruno, Neon Hitch, Bianca Ryan and many others and has written and produced songs for all of these artists. In 2017, Nick signed a publishing/record deal with Bump Into Genius/Warner Chappell and began writing and producing his artist project. With a ton of hits under his belt, Nittoli began performing his original music and began having loads of success on platforms like Youtube, Spotify, and Itunes. Nittoli hit the charts on Itunes top 40 in multiple genres including R & B, Metal, & Hip Hop. His music ranges from hardcore hip hop, to soft melodic pop, and Nittoli prides himself on being able to merge genres which he pulls from his experience as a songwriter/producer. Nick first hit the billboard charts in 2016 by writing the Corey Feldman Feat. Snoop Dogg song "Go For it" which gained national headlines, as Feldman performed this song on the Today Show in front of millions. Since then, Nittoli is no stranger to the charts, and his albums have been receiving a lot of press and media attention. 10 years after the original airing of Bravo's Platinum Hit, Nick is still writing and producing for various artists including Fabian Mazur, Zendaya, The Maximals, and many others. Armed with a ton of songwriting success, this producer/artist will be a name to look out for!

Check a couple of his latest videos:



- Eddie Templeton


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