New Ghost release 2nd EP "Future Is Dead"

New Ghost claims to be a Shoegaze band, but I disagree, and that's ok. 

While it's kinda important to represent your band by designating a specific genre, it should be an accurate declaration. I feel Shoegaze fans would agree, the drums should be subtle and/or rhythmic. Drummer Taz, obviously did not get the memo and his drums are also way too loud in the mixes. Don't get me wrong, Taz has great chops, fills, etc, but he overdoes it and would be better suited in a hard rock or metal band. As a matter of fact, all the New Ghost players are really good and the band is tight. As a psychonaut, I appreciated their video for 'Fountain'. Totes trippy, and the duet between 'Dystopian Future Movie’s' Caroline Cawley and 'Firesuite's' Chris Anderson is really cool and reminiscent of The xx. Hmm, I may have just contradicted myself with the xx comparison. While there are nods to Shoegaze, I stand by my listening experience which was just, meh. If it wasn't for the wonderful voice of Caroline Cawley, I would have tuned out before finishing. Take a listen and decide for yourself:

Shore Dive Records

-Spencer Dipthorpe, BMN Contributor

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