Lon Lloyd Unveils New Video for "Every Other Word"

Lon Lloyd's latest LP, Show Dog, is a testament to the idea that there's always something new to learn in music, regardless of age. Departing from the Rosey Bengal label and adopting the moniker Lon Lloyd, this "debut" project marks a significant shift towards a rule-free pop sensibility. Recorded between 2022 and 2024 at the Bunker in Brooklyn, NY, the album's ten tracks are the product of relentless sonic experimentation and an enduring passion for diverse instruments—except for bagpipes, which didn't make the cut.

The release of the video for "Every Other Word" marks an exciting chapter for Lon Lloyd. Inspired by a playful suggestion from a co-worker who shared Gregory Abbott's "Shake You Down," the band borrowed the scrolling visuals and steamy R&B vibe from Abbott's classic. The result is a romantic and visually captivating experience that echoes the smoothness and allure of '80s R&B videos.

The video's creation was a collaborative effort with Adam Lepowski, a friend and talented director who brought the vision to life. Initially, the plan was to keep instruments out of the video, but a serendipitous moment changed that. A refurbished Rhodes piano, delivered just in time by a dedicated craftsman, made a surprise appearance, adding a touch of authenticity and charm to the final product.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of musical influences, Lon Lloyd's sound is firmly rooted in American songwriting traditions while also embracing a wide array of inspirations. This diversity is evident in Show Dog, which seamlessly integrates various sonic elements into a cohesive whole. The evolution from Evan Luberger's previous works under the name Rosey Bengal, Ghillie Suit and Junk Mail, is unmistakable, showcasing a band that continues to grow and innovate.

With "Every Other Word," Lon Lloyd not only delivers a visually stunning video but also reaffirms their commitment to exploring new musical territories, making Show Dog a must-listen for fans and newcomers alike.



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