Just Like Honey - INTO THE WILD // Brighter Than Sunlight

I wondered how this record was made. I imagined these songs entirely predate the pandemic, created in a room with all the members piecing their parts together in a communal way. This band has been releasing albums since 2018, and I don’t feel any of the burrs of a new band who are starting to work out their place in the music. I was surprised to see the words and music for this full-length release attributed to one person, as there is a lot happening with the instrumentation. 

Excellent production makes the instruments glisten in the mix. I found myself led between bright patches highlighting the bass, drums and guitars. 

Lyric lines are clear and harmonies are expertly set, flowing around the main melody. 

The emotions feel warm and bright, not what I was expecting when I heard the name of the band and saw their website bathed in iconic Psychocandy Red, Black and White. I was expecting more rawness and lots of salty tears. That’s on me, which this review isn’t about. Take yourself away from those expectations and realize pop music happens.  

This is a collection of songs that you can listen to to slip onto another Earth, one which contains polished musicians who find reasons to sonically celebrate, despite the realities of daily struggles and great loss. Wrap yourself in this if you are looking for some new direction with your introspection.

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Shore Dive Records

- Netochka Nezvanova, BMN Contributor

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