Ghost Work's latest offering, "Light a Candle for the Lonely," is a testament to the enduring power of creative collaboration and the resilience found in the face of personal struggles. Comprising members and ex-members of influential bands like Seaweed, Snapcase, Milemarker, and Minus The Bear, Ghost Work emerges as a post-punk supergroup with a gritty edge, crafting an 11-track LP set to release on March 8th via Spartan Records.


Vocalist Aaron Stauffer's proclamation that this is his best singing performance and recording to date is not mere hyperbole. Stauffer, known for his work with Seaweed, channels a level of intensity and emotion reminiscent of his past favorites. In his words, it's like "The Cure doing an AC/DC cover," providing a glimpse into the sonic landscape Ghost Work traverses.

The album's thematic core revolves around escaping cycles, reconnecting, and reconciling the formative past with an unrevealed future. Sean Husick's journey of recovery, marked by sobriety and rediscovering creativity, echoes throughout the album. Erin Tate, reflecting on her post-Minus The Bear struggles, found solace in reconnecting with Husick, sparking the band's collaborative desire to pursue a common musical flame.

"Light a Candle For The Lonely" is a sonic journey, landing in a post-punk realm with a gritty demeanor, evoking elements of The Cure and REM, laced with a nearly AC/DC level of recklessness. Ghost Work confidently showcases growth on this record, with a sound that's a step forward for the band.

Aaron Stauffer's unmistakable vocals become the vessel for songs exploring the conflict between nature and the human mind, delving into the forces that drive our worst selves—addictions and desires. Stauffer, now balancing his life as an emergency room RN, brings a unique approach to his vocal process, often crafting his parts while paddling along the cold California coastline or during intense ER shifts.

The collaborative process of creating 'Light a Candle For The Lonely' unfolds virtually, with individual ideas evolving into nuanced Ghost Work compositions. The final drum tracking in Husick's Chicago studio, mixed by Al Jacobs at Warrior Sound in Chapel Hill, NC, brings the project to fruition, emphasizing the band's collective input.

The album, at its core, serves as a meditation on the dichotomy between the natural world's beauty and the uncertainty that hinders its celebration. "Light a Candle For The Lonely" becomes the sonic exploration of authenticity, gratitude, and dedication, resonating as a testament to unexpected reawakening and renewal in the face of life's unpredictability. Ghost Work, with its impressive lineage, delivers a record that not only honors its past but propels it boldly into a promising future.

-Francis Madden

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