Ghost Fan Club: Tyler Costolo's Journey Through Sonic Turbulence and Tenderness

Tyler Costolo's musical odyssey began in 2017, initially under his own name. Early attempts at folk gave way to the creation of Two Meters, where he explored heavier, dissonant sounds across labels like Very Jazzed and Knifepunch Records. However, in 2020, yearning for a softer outlet, Costolo unveiled Ghost Fan Club, a project born from his desire to channel more introspective, slowcore, and bedroom pop influences.

Ghost Fan Club's initial offerings, including the bittersweet "Speak to Me" and the poignant 'Goodbye World, Hello Ghosts' EP, established Costolo's knack for delicate, melancholic soundscapes. Yet, his creative path was anything but linear. By 2022, he returned to the visceral, metal-infused aesthetics of Two Meters, reflecting his own personal turbulence.

Now, in 2024, Ghost Fan Club is set to return with a self-titled EP, releasing on July 5th via the "gay working class trans label" Knifepunch Records. This new collection showcases a matured sound, imbued with a newfound urgency and edge, thanks in part to the involvement of drummer Tom Morris. The EP dives deep into themes of depression, grief, instability, and the relentless passage of time, marking a stark evolution in Costolo's sonic and lyrical approach.

The singles leading up to the EP, "Shoulders" (May 3rd) and "Now and Then" (June 14th), offer a glimpse into this refined direction. "Shoulders" in particular stands out, with Costolo describing it as an attempt to make peace with his inner sadness. The line “I tried to kill myself before I was born” poignantly encapsulates his struggle, a stark metaphor drawn from his near-fatal birth experience.

Ghost Fan Club's new EP is a testament to Costolo's resilience and growth. Critics have noted his ability to capture the zeitgeist of modern existential ennui. Various Small Flames praised his "soft and cautious style," likening his music to the drifting specter of a life slipping by. Double Negative highlighted the richness in Costolo's portrayal of our current disconnected existence, while Spectral Nights drew parallels to emo icons like Elliott Smith and Sparklehorse, lauding his poignant guitar work and emotive storytelling.

Costolo's reflections on this EP are deeply personal. He wrote these songs during a turbulent period, feeling adrift and struggling to record amidst chaos. The addition of Morris' drums marks a significant shift, bringing a fuller, more dynamic sound to his music.

In 'Ghost Fan Club,' Costolo finds a delicate balance between tender introspection and urgent expression, crafting an EP that resonates with the raw, unfiltered emotions of our time.

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