Full Body 2 - A Little Snippet from the Noise Party

A Little Snippet from the Noise Party 

Fifty Heaven - Rochester’s Full Body 2 starts out with the noisy, modulated tones of the new shoegaze, and it is my favorite track on this three song release. A soupy blend of melancholic sludge punctuated with toy keyboards, the vocals are properly buried in the mix. A lonely ghost of a song wandering the empty hallways of a long since closed school building.   

Keygen Memory is a bit more uptempo, a great dissonant keyboard riff over a guitar part whose modulation lends to the darkness of the sound. Like when you feel good about a new relationship but are then reminded that all things fall apart. More than a bit of Mew in there. I’d love a lyric sheet, though I know it isn’t that important when you think of the way this music functions as atmosphere. Bass could be louder. The song trips around like a kid in sneakers that didn’t fit properly. They are the dirty shoelace wristband I wore while pulling the hair out of my eyes when I was 14. This would make sense to include in a scene as non-diegetic music. I dropped my ice cream cone in the dirt, but I want it so badly that I pick it up and eat the dirt with it. That’s this.  

Diamond_Lane obj - a meditation on synthesizer and fast beats. I feel great because I had a thermos of coffee and my misery is now amplified, but I feel clarity because the late night infomercials keep me company. The ghost of Michael Landon selling something in WPIX after The Honeymooners. I use a pliers to change the channel to the Home Shopping Network and I laugh to myself because there’s a toot for you. And just like that it is over.  

What’s not to like about all of this? Looking forward to a full length.


- GregJaw, BMN Contributor

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