FREQz Unveil Debut Album Grizzly Peak with Hypnotic New Single "All Of The Days"

FREQz, the dynamic indie rock band from Oakland, California, is poised to make waves with their debut album, Grizzly Peak,  released June 7. Available for pre-order on vinyl and digital platforms, the album promises a fresh, eclectic sound that captures the essence of the band’s innovative spirit. Leading the charge is their compelling single "All Of The Days," now streaming on major digital platforms. The single’s release is accompanied by a visually arresting music video, shot at the iconic Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland. Directed and edited by Asali Echols, and produced by Danny Echevarria and JaMile Jackson, the video complements the song’s introspective lyrics and atmospheric vibe.

Nelda Kerr, FREQz's frontwoman, describes "All Of The Days" as a song about the search for connection and the realization that what we seek might already be within our grasp. The track’s lyrical depth is a testament to Kerr’s ability to blend personal experience with universal themes, creating a resonant listening experience.

FREQz, formed in the summer of 2021, consists of Nelda Kerr (of Extra! Extra!), JaMile Jackson (of W.O.E.), Alisa Rose (of Cave Clove), and Harry Hudson (of Lagos Roots). Their music is a dynamic fusion of pulsating rhythms, climactic rock, and intricate electronics. The band’s unique creative process involves hours of hot tub brainstorming sessions, meticulously transforming spontaneous recordings into polished tracks. This method has culminated in a series of singles, leading up to the highly anticipated full-length album, Grizzly Peak.

The album is a sonic tribute to Oakland's famed make-out spot, capturing the essence of youthful exuberance and romantic exploration. Tracks like the dreamy opener "All Of The Days" set the tone for an album that traverses a spectrum of sounds and emotions. From the polyrhythmic drive of “Hang Your Hat on Me” to the danceable beats of “Clover,” and the poignant ballads like “Lake Chalet” and the title track “Grizzly Peak,” the album showcases the band’s versatility and emotional depth. Influences from Radiohead, Flying Lotus, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs are evident, yet FREQz carves out a unique space in the contemporary rock landscape with their raw intensity and innovative approach.

Grizzly Peak is not just an album but a time capsule, capturing the essence of an era while pushing the boundaries of indie rock. As FREQz continues to evolve, their debut promises to be a landmark in their musical journey, offering a profound and immersive experience for listeners. 

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