Dirty Shrines brings us some simplistic indie rock with the new single “Every Mile”. I really can’t complain about anything in particular and believe me I like to complain but the main thing that bothers me about this track is you can kind of hear what you would think is a three piece band and the guitars at times are not nearly interesting enough for that. Like there will be no confusing the intro of this with a Screaming Females song or any other number of bands that do more with less. At times it does sound like there are 2 guitars and if that is the case that needs to be used way more to your advantage. Now all that being said, production is great, the band is tight and the vocals are perfect. It has a gritty-ness to it that is like The Hold Steady or The Long Winters but more rock, but the drummer definitely pushes the song over the indie realm with some of the more dancey and complex beats. I wouldn’t mind some more dynamics if this is a three piece where the bass takes over for verses. Overall this is a great start for a band and it appears to be Dirty Shrines only release so that being said I’m expecting big things because I see the potential in this.


Black Numbers


- Sam Lowry

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