Coastal Club Teases New EP with Electrifying Single "conversation"

Cincinnati's Coastal Club have announced the release of their new EP, All of the Things You Said, set to drop on July 19. In anticipation, the band has unveiled a new single, "conversation," now available on all streaming platforms. The track arrives as a follow-up to last month's release, "cigarettes."

In "conversation," Coastal Club crafts an indie pop paradox, merging buoyant melodies with introspective lyrics. Lead vocalist Alexandre Hirlinger reflects on the track, stating that it captures the complexity of human experience, where upbeat rhythms coexist with contemplative themes. This juxtaposition invites listeners to delve into their own beliefs and doubts, engaging in an internal dialogue that resonates deeply.

"conversation" follows the earlier release of "cigarettes," a nostalgic anthem celebrating carefree moments and youthful exuberance. Hirlinger describes it as a reminder to embrace life's fleeting joys. With catchy hooks and lively rhythms, "cigarettes" encapsulates the spirit of living in the moment, encouraging listeners to hold onto the passion of their youth.

Coastal Club's sound, characterized by infectious guitar hooks and uplifting anthems, has garnered acclaim within the indie pop scene. Comprised of drummer David McGuire, lead guitarist and vocalist Avery Benter, and lead singer and guitarist Alexandre Hirlinger, the band draws inspiration from acts like Young the Giant and COIN. Their music radiates optimism and joy, a refreshing presence in the genre.

The forthcoming EP, All of the Things You Said, marks an evolution for Coastal Club. While staying true to their indie pop roots, the band delves into more profound thematic territory. The EP explores topics such as mental health, religious introspection, and lost love, blending lighthearted guitar riffs with somber synth sounds to create a diverse and compelling sonic palette.

With "cigarettes" setting a celebratory tone and "conversation" introducing weightier themes, the remaining tracks on the EP navigate the spectrum between these two singles. The project serves as an aural journal, reflecting the band's introspection on their religious upbringing and personal growth. Through their music, Coastal Club seeks to make sense of the beliefs instilled in them from a young age, while also exploring love and resolution along the way.

All of the Things You Said promises to be a significant release for Coastal Club, offering listeners a journey through the band's introspective explorations and joyful soundscapes. Keep an eye out for the EP on July 19, and in the meantime, let "conversation" and "cigarettes" guide you through the vibrant world of Coastal Club. 

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