The thing I like most about this band aside from great vocals is this sounds like how punk rock used to be recorded and sounded in the 90’s. It’s like I popped open my bin of 90’s 7 inches and found this gem. It’s somewhere in between Face To Face and The Descendents. I think the combination of Tom Beaujour at The Nuthouse producing with Alan Douches at West West Side mastering your album is the number one way to make something sound as Jersey as possible and for punk rock, we fucking do it the best, so that’s how you want to sound. This track is so catchy, you can listen to it back to back over and over which makes it the quintessential nostalgia track. This is the kind of song 18 year old me would put on the turntable and wear the needle out by playing this so much.

Dromedary Records


- Sam Lowry



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