BMN Exclusive Video Premiere: Tabitha Booth’s "Pangs of Love & Solitude"

What is good love besides knowing the pangs of love and solitude?  A time for reflection and humble realizations that mold us as artists, humans walking around the Earth?

It is without further ado that the third installment of “Wolf Moon,” a live video trilogy, hits YouTube.  Courtesy of Mint400 Records, this premiere is part of a performance which landed  singer-songwriter/music producer, Tabitha Booth, a record deal and a horizon full of musical possibilities.

Featuring the performers Edwin Lopez on piano, Naomi Smith on Upright Bass, Tory Anne Daines on violin and Raphael Ribot on harmony vocals, the band interprets the poetry of Paula Patrice, an independent author – and grandmother of vocal frontwoman, Tabitha Booth.

When asked what Pangs of Love and Solitude are about, Patrice and Booth share the view that the human condition is universal, experiencing emotions such as love, pain, joy, grief and sorrow.  The featured band were enthusiastic to write melodies - and improvise, musically - to support the poetry of Paula Patrice, in her debut collection of poetry, Wisdom Lines, which is found online.

In the video (filmed by Scott Abbott/Open Show LLC) the two poems are infused together with stock footage of bodies of water and animals in the forest.  “It seems poignant,” says Tabitha, “to bring it full circle, how nature evokes wisdom, peace and creative expression - I think many artists relate to this as sources of inspiration.”

Certain organizations, such as Antinanco Earth Arts School, a NJ-based nonprofit founded by Olga Sher and her board of directors, openly support the flourishing musical and artistic endeavors of Tabitha Booth and her contemporaries in ongoing music performance and independent set design.

Tabitha Booth now performs with a new band lineup, boasting a forthcoming EP on the horizon.  Inviting back members of the Wolf Moon entourage, these new songs are equally intimate; produced by audio engineer/producer, Corey Zack/Cocoon Recording based in Jersey City.

As far as Wolf Moon, this concludes a heartfelt trilogy. Perhaps the band lineup will convene again, in a future performance of Patrice’s anticipated collection, Wisdom in my Twilight Years.  Hopefully, the audience will not have to wait – with pangs of love in solitude - for this one. 

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