Asbury Park’s The Mercury Brothers release new single “The Rose”!

Asbury Park’s The Mercury Brothers have released a new standalone single entitled “The Rose” on December 7th. The band brandishes their ability to write tightly-knitted pop hooks through their own blues-infused rock format. This lean track begins sans any dramatic introductions, pulling us straight into a bouncy, rhythmic trance. Right away, I’m struck with the band-in-a-room production style i.e. closely mic’d drums and a warm, clear guitar tone, giving the song a level of intimacy that is hard to come by in a time marked by unnecessary and overzealous, sterile production. The bass line is rollicking yet supple, accentuating the rap-like vocal cadence of the verses. The chorus is catchy, the lyrics are fun to sing along to, and the song is ruminative without being pretentious. This well-rounded track can be found at their Spotify link below.


- Eddie Templeton, BMN Contributor

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