Adi Sun’s ‘Twin Flame’

Fuck. I needed this. Longing but poppy and melodic, Adi Sun forces you to nod your head to the darkest yet also very sweet and vulnerable lyrical exploration into the impossible: attempting to explain what it feels like to be falling in love, to be in love, trying to accept it and/or fighting the urges to push it away. There are a zillion songs about love, but dare I say Adi Sun’s “Twin Flame” is one of the more original approach’s I’ve heard in a long time. It’s dark and honest. I try my best to stay out of the genre defining shit, but this is a dark indie dream pop track if I had to attempt to categorize it. It grabs you. The changes are dramatic and effective. Dynamic and full of presence, full of melody, the lead vocals are unique and intriguing. This is their second track to come through BMN and they’re quickly making fans at our HQ. Please support via links below and blast this track.



- Joe Pugsley

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