Change your band name. Seriously, I already assumed this song was going to be dumb based on it and the track is good. It has a very 90’s thing going on like a mix of Nada Surf, Goo Goo Dolls and a smidge of The Posies but lots of parts that you could hear were the kinds of things 3 piece power pop bands of the 90’s did to keep their songs interesting. The song becomes unpredictable at times as it feels like it twists and turns instead of the usual predictable format. A very nice use of dynamics through out it’s entirety. I would venture to say an album by this band might be a very fun experience. I was pretty surprised this comes out of Brooklyn as usually it’s not cool for bands to sound so 90’s in the borough where every band is a 2 piece that sings over tracks they made in garageband. This track was written and performed by Evan Bieber and I already like this way more than the other Bieber.



- Sam Lowry

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