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Band Name: Velcros

BMN Score: 9.6/10

What the band says: After witnessing a memorable performance by Texas punk band Radioactivity at one of Leipzig’s infamous DIY venues, fellow musicians Fabian Bremer (AUA, RADARE), Nicolai Hildebrandt (Ex-OKTA LOGUE) and Manuel Markstein (WAYSTE) felt the need to form a band to rediscover the raw and visceral energy they just had experienced. This evening laid the groundwork for what soon should become VELCROS. It was a pivotal moment, especially for Bremer and Hildebrandt, who once thrashed together in the short-lived hardcore outfit SARG, which disbanded in 2013. The formation of VELCROS brought everything full circle—a fitting return to their punk roots.

What we say they sound like: Pulsing, grinding, driving post punk rock that is an anthemic lo-fi gem. What starts as a typical indie punk song grows with an ethereal lift into a huge ending chorus that brings this song to the next level. This style is somewhat of a hybird that I haven't really heard before, it's like Ramones speed, mellow indie rock vocals and a Muse-ish soccer anthem ending. 

Song to add to your playlist: Bitter Lake


Band Name: The North Country

BMN Score: 8.9/10

What the band says: “This song is a reminder to be present. 'Be Here Be Now' is a song about trying to stay in the moment in spite of all distractions. Screens throwing bright bold flashing colors at you, images of half naked people photoshopped to oblivion, and all of it is for the benefit of some faceless corporation."

What we say they sound like: This track harkens back to 70's AM Pop but with a modern indie aesthetic. The band each adds very stylized pieces to the track. It's hard at moments to get past the singers identical look to Andy Samberg and backing band who look like my junior high guidance counselors but it all gives the bands highly stylized persona a boost. Musically it's so ear pleasing and warm, a joyous wonderful Spring vibe to melt winter blues away. 

Song to add to your playlist: Be Here Now

Band Name: Scram Signal

BMN Score: 9.2/10

What the band says: For those of us that have watched the career of Brett Netson closely, Scram Signal is a logical destination. He’s always operated from the veil of the surreal and the contemplative. Listen to Netson’s guitar work on Built to Spill’s seminal album, Perfect from Now On and ponder if that album hits the same without him (spoiler alert: it doesn’t). That deep connection we feel to songs like Randy Described Eternity, I Would Hurt a Fly, and Stop the Show, are strengthened through the patient and hypnotic enticement of Netson’s adaptation of minimalism and drone.

What we say they sound like: A track that starts off rhythmically akin to Van Halen's “Everybody Wants Some” or “The Sickness” by Disturbed but it's not that type of track. This track builds the tension of a good song intro but never explodes into that big rock chorus. Instead it dwells in that tense section that makes it feel urgent and now. It reminds me of the band The Do and their track “Coda, brief tracks that build and end before any relief if offered making you want to listen to it over and over. 

Song to add to your playlist: SCRAM5


Band Name: Atomic Life

BMN Score: 8.8/10

What the band says: “Hit Me First,” blisters in fury at every twist and turn, kicking down doors and putting their stamp on the indie rock scene. Lead singer Adea Francis provides frantic vocals with memorable hooks and lyrics, describing the song as her “deepest wish that straddles the thin line between forbidden desires and sinister intentions.”

What we say they sound like: All the hallmarks of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's from sludgy guitar riffs, indie rock dance rhythms and a Karen O type vocal. There are other bands that do this sound but this is slightly more grungey than other YYY sounding bands. It has an almost Deftones feel musically but with dancier drums. It's angular post punk and fun so the comparison shouldn't scare you off. 

Song to add to your playlist: Hit Me First


Band Name: Taylor Bickett

BMN Score: 8.5/10

What the band says: Taylor Bickett's newest single is about not succumbing to the pressures to be perfect. She says, "It’s about the insane pressure that I have found myself putting on each new week, month, or year to be the one in which I no longer make mistakes and do everything perfectly. These feelings came to a head when I realized New Year's Day 2024 fell on a Monday. I wrote and posted a snippet of the song on social media just in the hopes of making a few people feel seen. I was shocked to see how much it resonated, leading me to finish and record the song in just a few weeks. The song is, at its core, an affirmation that we all deserve grace; that beautiful things can come our way if we just relinquish control if we loosen our grip, if we surrender to the universe.”

What we say they sound like: Personal and heartfelt like Phoebe Bridgers, Olivia Rodrigo, Lucy Dacus, etc. I have to feel a little this is very Olivia Rodrigo inspired as the vocal cadence at times is identical.  What sets it apart is it's Taylor's story, personal feelings and seems genuine. Isn't that all we can ask of any artist is to be genuine and the fans and critics will decide if they've ever felt that way too? I think the people who this song is written for will know who they are and will enjoy it. 

Song to add to your playlist: I Like Mondays

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