A Burial At Sea Unveils 'Masterfred': A Haunting Prelude to 'Close To Home'

A Burial At Sea, the inimitable post-rock outsiders, have unfurled their latest sonic offering, "Masterfred," marking the third single from their eagerly anticipated sophomore album, "Close To Home." Which released on February 23, 2024, via Berlin's esteemed Pelagic Records, the track emerges as a haunting yet empowering testament to the band's evolving musical depth.

Initially conceived as a playful nod to co-founding member Dara Tohill's father, Fred, "Masterfred" has metamorphosed into a pivotal piece within the album's thematic framework. While the band's signature post-hardcore ferocity reverberates throughout "Close To Home," "Masterfred" showcases a willingness to explore quieter, more introspective realms, revealing a nuanced sonic landscape that embraces every subtle nuance and reverberation.

Accompanied by a visually arresting video collage, juxtaposing familial footage with vibrant time-lapses, "Masterfred" transports listeners through a kaleidoscope of nostalgic recollections and poignant reflections. The haunting refrain, "I think I fell on hard times, but that's alright," resonates with paternal wisdom and self-forgiveness, encapsulating the track's emotional depth.

Hailing from Ireland but now rooted in Liverpool, A Burial At Sea first made waves in 2018 with their explosive EP, "...And The Sum Of Its Parts," defying conventions with their boundless creativity. Subsequently, their kinetic live performances alongside genre luminaries such as And So I Watch You From Afar, This Will Destroy You, Caspian, and Some Become Hollow Tubes propelled them into the international spotlight, cultivating a devoted following across Europe.

"Close To Home" represents a poignant exploration of the band's Irish heritage, distilled through the crucible of lockdown-induced introspection. Culled from years of creative ferment, the album emerges as a testament to the places and people, like Fred, who have left an indelible mark on the band's collective psyche. As bittersweet melodies and nostalgic motifs intertwine, "Close To Home" emerges as a sonic tapestry, weaving together disparate influences into a singular, brass-led opus.

With "Masterfred," A Burial At Sea reaffirms their status as purveyors of sonic innovation, transcending generic labels to carve out a singular niche within the pantheon of post-rock. As Patrick Blaney aptly remarks, "'Masterfred' may be one of the darkest tracks on the album, but its title imbues it with a familiar light-heartedness—a testament to the complexities of human experience."

"Masterfred" is available now, with "Close To Home" just recently dropped on February 23, 2024.

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