Cecilia James releases haunting and divine video/single “My Name Is To Call”

Cecilia James’ new single “My Name Is To Call” is a haunting and divine song of longing and dreamy sounds; it grabs your close attention and brings you to another place, somewhere near the Pacific Ocean, off the breezy coast of central California somewhere. “I love it when you scare me…” Cecilia sings, her angelic voice somehow speaking to your soul as if you knew her well in another life. She swears that she still wakes up to sounds in the night, and she needs to get away. I fear I may wake up to the haunts of her incredible voice, as it weaves and digs and buries its menacing and beautiful self into your mind as the song progresses, temporarily (perhaps) taking possession of your being. The black and white video introduces itself as a “song and film”, with overlaying imagery of Cecilia singing merged with overlaying vocal harmonies that together birth a numinous quality to the experience. The aesthetics of the video have a vintage feel and peak on creepy with images of Cecilia underneath shrubbery around the 2-minute mark. The implied sense of being underneath, or even buried perhaps, under the weight of circumstance does not escape the viewer. It is as if you are there with her and feel the futility of bothering to move a branch. A sweet interlude turns intense with Cecilia’s eyes taunting the viewer before the final chorus, the hook of the song, comes like a wave to smother and devour you with bliss and painful longing simultaneously. I love it when you scare me, Cecilia. Will I wake to sounds in the night? “My Name Is To Call” is a superb work of art and a wonderful introduction to an impressive new artist worthy of everyone’s attention.



- Joe Pugsley

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