Sydney shoegaze band Trillion drops incredible EP & video!

Did I just listen to a Shoegaze version of Circa Survive with J Mascis on vox? 

No, but that’s an incredibly accurate description. The production and mix is superb! Oh, now female vox, too! I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been partial to female singers and Megan Liu is a natural. And the reverb, oh sweet reverb! What would Gaze be without it, really. Perfect sounds in my glorious Bose cans. This record pairs perfectly with winter weather and scenery. Drummer Sean Vella has great chops and his fills are perfectly apropos for this band. I appreciate the extended jams on some of the cuts. I wish more bands would adhere to that mentality. Hard to believe this EP was recorded remotely. “6 members, 6 different places at completely different times”. Trillion proves that anything’s possible in this digital age. 

Thank you Trillion, for this is a nice holiday treat for me! Cheers!


- Spencer Dipthorpe, BMN Contributor

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