Excellent new synth/pop from Jersey City's June Pageant

Excellent synth/dream pop by Jersey City’s June Pageant here on their new EP “Beneath the Feather Star 1/3,” brought to us by Kidokoro Records. This 4 song EP keeps you guessing. It starts with “Wundergurl (Intro),” a 40 second instrumental song of chill synth vibes. The 2nd track, “Guess We’ll Never Live There (feat Edward Phillips),” clearly a highlight, just rips into synth pop goodness, making those who can’t dance even want to try, with super catchy melodies, an upbeat 80s feel, and hooks galore. Then you’re brought back down to earth with the slow, meandering feel of “Here With You,” which contains interesting instrumentation and a darker overall vibe, mainly instrumental until the end. The last track “Wundergurl (NEGA)” lands somewhere in the middle of the previous 2 tracks, with the highlight here being the pristine sounding vocals and more killer melody, starts out slow, then builds with haunting, longing lyrics: “I toss and turn over you, I’m always reminded of you…I’m scared I’ll never change.” I must say this was a pleasant surprise to land in our inbox. Highly recommended, and I hope to hear more from this band. Stream it here, and check out the links below.




















-Joe Pugsley